Saturday, October 6, 2012

Today's Shelbyism

Shelby and I are lazing about in the living room, it's a perfect Saturday morning... I have coffee, my computer, and I'm wrapped up in my quilt... Shelby's on the floor coloring, the dog is curled up beside her. McClintock, one of my favorite movies (yes, I love John Wayne), is on AMC. Couldn't really ask for much more.

There is one line in the movie, where John Wayne's character says, " And I am not intoxicated.... Yet." Shelby, horrified, turns around and asks me if he's going to poison himself or something. She was incredibly concerned that he was going to kill himself. I said of course not, and wanted to know why she thought that. Logically, she said that she thought that toxic meant poison. I said that was kind of what he meant, but that in this case, he was probably going to have a lot of whiskey. She seemed relieved and went back to coloring. Me, thinking that I have an incredibly smart, well versed child, asked her how she new what toxic meant. She turns around, looks me straight in the eye and said "Brittney Spears."

I'm failing.