Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Begin Scene: Shelby and I were home on Saturday, doing absolutely nothing. She was coloring/creating/painting my carpet and I was reading/dozing on the couch. We were watching some Disney movie, one of the newer, pre-teen angst things. It was something about a boy turning into a merman when he turned 13. Anyhoo. I finally liven up enough to think about dinner and Shelby pulls herself out of her what I call "process" mode. I call it this because if she's really involved in something artistic and I start talking to her, she'll gripe that I'm interrupting her "process."

Shelby: Wow. I was just thinking.

Me: (apprehensively) Okay... (I'm thinking she's got a body stashed somewhere).

Shelby: Can I skip puberty?

Me: Only in Neverland.

Shelby: Oh. Well, I guess if it HAS to happen to me, I hope it happens on a weekend.

Me: (choking on a laugh) I'm not sure it works that way.

Shelby: Am I gonna grow boobs?

Me: Not if you have your grandmas genes.

Shelby: Oh. Can we order pizza?